Your Wellness,
Our Expertise.

Prime Care is a direct primary care clinic that supports patient health and well-being without the ‘over-regulations’ of insurance.

Your Wellness,
Our Expertise.

Prime Care is a direct primary care clinic that supports patient health and well-being without the ‘over-regulations’ of insurance.

Choose Prime Care for a Patient-Centered Philosophy and Personalized Healthcare

Prime Care. Delivering Healthcare on Your Terms

At Prime Care, we believe healthcare should be personalized, accessible, and affordable. Frustrated by the limitations of insurance-driven models, we established Prime Care to empower individuals and families with patient-centered healthcare.

Your Well-being, Your Choice.

We prioritize your individual needs, not insurance needs. Our experienced providers work with you to develop personalized treatment tailored to your unique situation with no cookie-cutter solutions, just evidence-based practices and open communication.

Your Time, Your Convenience.

Life is busy. That’s why we offer flexible hours beyond the traditional weekday schedule. Whether you work late, care for dependents, or manage other commitments, we make accessing quality healthcare convenient.

Experience You Can Trust.

Our providers, Melissa and DeAnna, possess extensive experience across various clinical settings, including primary care, pediatrics, emergency medicine, and critical care. They are highly qualified Doctorate of Nursing Practitioners (DNP) graduates from the University of Alabama, committed to continuous learning and delivering the highest standards of care.


  • Fourteen years of primary care, emergency room and urgent care experience
  • Ever learning and growing skills in patient healthcare and wellness


  • Versatile experience in pediatrics, emergency room, ICU, and urgent care
  • Diverse patient care knowledge catering to all ages

Prime Care is Driven by Passion, Fueled by Purpose:

The COVID-19 pandemic ignited a desire in Melissa and DeAnna to redefine healthcare. Witnessing the limitations of the existing system, they channeled their passion and expertise to create Prime Care – a patient-centered haven where individual well-being takes precedence.

Family-Focused Care.

From routine checkups to managing chronic conditions, we provide comprehensive medical care for the entire family, catering to patients aged five and above. Our providers are fully authorized to prescribe medications, ensuring seamless continuity of care within our practice.

Empowering Your Health Decisions.

We believe in transparent communication and shared decision-making. We equip you with the knowledge and resources to make informed choices about your health, promoting patient engagement and ownership of your well-being.

Your Partner in Health.

At Prime Care, we’re not just healthcare providers; we’re your partners in health. We’re committed to walking alongside you on your wellness journey, providing compassionate care, personalized solutions, and unwavering support.